How to Apply

How to Apply


Memphis Electrical JATC provides the highest quality training to those interested in a career in the various fields within the electrical industry. We train apprentices to become an Inside Journeyman Wireman. Inside Journeymen Wiremen are electrical workers who install the power, lighting, controls and other electrical equipment in commercial and industrial buildings. In addition to receiving skill training on the job, our apprentices are provided trade related classroom training that produces competency and pride that lead to true craftsmanship.

  1. Complete Application
    • Applications are accepted online at the link below or in person every Thursday of each month from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at 6211 Shelby Oaks Drive, Memphis, TN 38134.  Applicants must provide a valid driver’s license.  Applicants must be a minimum of 17 years of age to apply and 18 years of age at selection.
    •  Follow link to apply online: TradeSchool (
    •  After clicking the link, the log in page will appear, click create account and enter the required information to set up your account. This will send an email to staff letting us know that you wish to complete an application for the apprenticeship program.  We will verify your information during normal business hours, and you will be sent an email instructing you on the rest of the process. Once your application is in progress, you may log in as often as necessary to complete the steps.
  1. Electrical Industry Aptitude Test
    • Applicants completing their application forms and meeting the basic required qualifications for apprenticeship will be scheduled for the electrical industry’s aptitude test developed and validated by the American Institutes of Research. The NJATC aptitude test battery consists of two tests: (1) the Algebra and Functions test and; (2) the Reading Comprehension test. Applications that do not obtain a qualifying score must wait a full six (6) months to reapply and retake the aptitude test.
  2. Applicant Interview
    • Applicants that obtain a qualifying score on the test battery will be scheduled for an oral interview conducted by a committee represented by both NECA and IBEW. Interviews are scheduled on a monthly basis, determined by order, in which, applicants complete the application process. Based on the interview, and a review of your qualifications, you will receive an overall ranking. All interviewed applicants are placed on an eligibility list and may be selected for the program at any time for a period of two (2) years.
  3. Selected Applicants
    • Applicants selected from the eligibility list will be offered an opportunity of apprenticeship in this program contingent on passing a physical examination and a drug screen. Prior to registration/indenture, all selected applicants are required to sign a JATC Apprentice Agreement whereby he/she agrees to work the assigned jobs in the jurisdiction regardless of the location and in the organized electrical industry for five (5) years after completion of the program or repay the cost of their sponsored training. This is not only a commitment to be able to work any location in the jurisdiction, but also a commitment to have dependable transportation to travel to and from a job or school.

Qualifications for Apprenticeship

  1. Complete an application form, accurately responding to all questions and items including statements indicating that they are:
    • Physically and mentally able to safely perform or learn to safely perform essential functions of the job either with or without reasonable accommodations.
    • Able to get to and from work job sites anywhere within the geographical area that this apprenticeship program covers.
    • Able and willing to attend all related classroom training as required to complete their apprenticeship.
    • Able to climb and work from ladders, poles and towers of various heights.
    • Able to crawl and work in confined spaces such as attics, manholes, and crawlspaces.
    • Able to read, hear and understand instructions and warnings.
  2. Meet the minimum age requirement of seventeen (17) years of age at the time of application (must provide evidence of minimum age respecting any applicable state laws or regulations).
  3. Obtain a qualifying score using the electrical industry’s aptitude test developed and validated by the American Institutes for Research. The aptitude test will be administered to all applicants and used as part of the overall evaluation of the applicant.
  4. Possess a valid Driver’s License.
  5. Honorably discharge veterans and individuals with previous electrical work and/or training experience may also qualify. For details, contact the JATC office at 877-263-5282.
  6. Prior to being registered, applicants selected from the pool of interviewed applicants must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and will be required to pass a physical examination and drug test.

Periodic Advances


As an apprentice in the time-based apprentice program, periodic advances are presently awarded according to the following schedule.

Period Percent of Journeyworker Rate Minimum Apprentice OJT Hours + Related Training
1 50% = $15.55 0 + N/A
2 50% = $15.55 1000 + Satisfactory Progress
3 55% = $17.10 2000 + 1st Year School Completed
4 60% = $18.65 3500 + 2nd Year School Completed
5 70% = $21.75 5000 + 3rd Year School Completed
6 80% = $24.85 6500 + 4th Year School Completed
Completion 100% = $31.05 8000 + 5th Year School Completed

Effective 08/01/2022 through 07/30/2023 – Journeyworker rate is $31.05 per hour. The Registration Agency will be notified of all changes to the Journeyworker rate in a timely manner. For example, to advance to the third period, one must have satisfactorily completed the first year of related training and must also have accumulated 2,000 hours of OJT with satisfactory performance.

How to Prepare - Electric Prep


Electric Prep has partnered with the NJATC (National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee)to offer online courses, specifically crafted for applicants seeking to enter the IBEW/NECA electrical apprenticeship. These online courses are designed to better prepare you for entrance into the electrical construction industry.

Every course is easily accessible online and designed to be self-taught and completed at your own pace from the convenience of your computer. Take the initiative to learn as much as you can about the industry that you are about to apply for so that you can be ready to display with confidence the skills necessary to enter and succeed in the IBEW/NECA electrical apprenticeship program.

Some of the courses offered are:

  • Mathematics Refresher Course
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Success in the Workplace
  • Interview Course

Electric Prep will help you prepare for the competitive selection process. You are taking the first step toward a rewarding career.